How to Find Top-Quality Weight Sets That Will Meet Your Fitness Goal

If you are just at the beginning of your fitness endeavor, then choosing a weight set can be extremely confusing.  All of the brands and options on the market today don’t exactly help.  This weight guide will help point you in the right directly when buying your first weight lifting equipment.

The primary objective is to let you know that as the customer you need to be knowledgeable in order to avoid scams and to get the right weight set in order to meet your new goal.

Firstly, you need to understand how weights fit into your new workout routine.  Weights are commonly used in weight lifting and strength training in order to increase the size and strength of muscles.  People who often fail at meeting their cardiovascular goals and diet have shown that weight set training  can have some very great results!

Where to Start?

Prior to discussing tricks on researching various models and brands of dumbbells, we feel it’s important to expand on a few aspects.

  1. Durability– Durability is essential if you are planning on using your dumbbells for a long time.  You may be surprised to hear that dumbbells on the lower end of the price spectrum can be found with plastic adjustable weights that are filled with sand or other weighted material.  Undoubtedly dumbbell sets will wear out over time and eventually need to be replaced.  Cast iron weights tend to last the longest and are often your best option.
  2. Flexibility- Take into account exactly how much weight each set can hold.  You may be able to find dumbbells that allow you to add extra weight and can fairly easily find iron-plated weights to add to your weight collection.   There is a wide variety of dumbbells that offer fixed weight, and adjustable dumbbells are always available for a little extra money.
  3. Price- You should always keep in mind how much you plan on investing  in your new dumbbells.  Prices vary by brand and type of weight.  You can usually find dumbbell sets from $20-$70, barbells ranging from $30 to $250, bench systems at $200, and as much as $1000 for weight machines.  Don’t feel obligated to spend large amounts of money, you can always add to your collection or customize your dumbbells.

Weight Set Components


 This is the most commonly found piece of workout equipment in a weight set.  They often come in pairs, but can be sold individually and can sometimes depend on the set size.  When you are trying to choose a weight set carefully examine the safety, flexibility, and kind of quality of the dumbbells.

If they come in a weight set the dumbbells come in three main options: fixed-weight, selectorized, and adjustable dumbbells each with a definite purpose.  If you plan on buying a whole weight system, make sure to choose a shape that is in line with your fitness goals.

We recommend Bowflex Selecttech 522 Adjustable Dumbbells Review  if you are looking to buy a quality adjustable dumbbell at a price that won’t break your bank.


These are another option you should look at when buying weights.  Barbells come in various lengths and some may even be engraved, by a crosshatch, to allow you a better grip.

Weight Plates 

These weights are often included in the set and are may be rubber coated to make them sturdier and more comprehensive.  This is great option when concerned about quality in weights.

Optional Features to Consider 

Vinyl Set 

Vinyl makes weight sets extremely durable, long lasting, and easy to clean.  Simply wipe off the equipment with fabric to enhance convenience during a workout.

Adjustable mechanism

A benefit of this weight option is its adjustability.  This mechanism is great for starters or individuals that are just looking to tone muscles.

Extensive Warranty

You should always be checking for manufacturers that offer extended warranties with their dumbbells for a length of at least two years.  An example, if a manufacturer gives you a 10 year warranty this generally means that they are confident in their products.

Tips on Maintaining Your Weight Equipment

If you are looking to get the most out of your weight set, as you should be, proper maintenance is key. This will help to keep your equipment in working condition and lasting for years to come.

Clean- Clearing your equipment of dirt can save you plenty of hassle.  Cleaning weights after every use ensures that they will last a long time, and even a storage bracket may to the job.

Repairs- If you have a problem with your new weight that you know you cannot easily fix, contact the manufacturer for help.

Check and inspect- Screws, bolts, and adjusting part of the weight could cause you problems if not installed correctly.  Make sure that weight collars are tight, so that weights don’t fall off while in use, and inspect plates for cracks.

Avoid mishandling- Use proper care and handle nicely so that you equipment will last a long time.

Final Remarks

Remember the price range that we mentioned and tips that were discussed in finding weights that fit your specific needs.  You should also review items in order to surely decide what kind of weight you are interested in investing in.  Find a reliable  manufacturer and product with a warranty.