PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbells Review

These dumbbells are perfect for people looking for a flexible and wide variety of weight workouts and muscle training.  PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells are highly rated. You can choose from a multitude of weights depending on what part of your body you are interested in toning; your chest, arms, or back.

What are the unique qualities of these PowerBlock Dumbbells?

The PowerBlock dumbbell line is known to offer some of the heaviest dumbbells on the market.  This, however, does not mean that they are the bulkiest and hardest to store.  Actually, they are extremely compact compared to other brands with similar weight options.  PowerBlock products include the following characteristics:

-The selector pin that allows the lifter to change how much the dumbbells weigh, this is nice to be able to adjust the dumbbells to what your bodily needs are

-These dumbbells are more balanced than other typical pairs

-They have better padding, ensuring safety and wrist protection

-Many PowerBlock products include a 10-year warranty, again saying something about the products quality and durability

-These dumbbells begin at $150, but price depends on the class and weight of PowerBlock dumbbells

-This set of dumbbells is capable of replacing a whole rack of normal dumbbells.  The Powerblock Classic, one of their best dumbbells is capable of reaching 45 pounds per dumbbell.

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Who is This Product For?

The set of dumbbells is great for people that want to increase the difficulty of their workouts.  They can adjust the weights extremely quickly, and the ease of use is perfect for fast workouts at their gym or in your own home.  These dumbbells are very safe and don’t include any moving parts or wobbling weights that could fall off.  These can be used in home or commercial settings, as well as for outdoor workouts.

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Advantages of PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbells

In additions to the aspect discussed earlier in this article, the following includes yet another list of reasons as to why these may be the dumbbells for you:

-They do not quickly loosen like other brands do, and ensure that weights are held tightly in place.  Forget having unbalanced weights that throw you off during your workout, this brand is extremely safe and does not allow plates to fall off and hit you.  PowerBlock dumbbells are very safe!

-These are square shaped so that you can move more easily during your workout.  This also prevents the dumbbells from rolling away from you, and makes adjusting them on the floor that much easier.  This is different from other brands that require a special rack to keep dumbbells in place.

-This product has several options: the elite set (adjustable between 5 and 90 pounds per hand with 5 pounds increments), the personal trainer set (up to 50 pounds per hand with 2.5 increments).  The elite set is ideal for men that are extremely dedicated to bodybuilding, and the latter set is great for women looking to stay toned.

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