LifeSmart Adjustable Dumbbells Review

You have probably already noticed that there are quite a number of weight equipment and dumbbells for you to choose from, but none of the other options are quite as money smart as Lifesmart adjustable dumbbells.  As a matter of fact, a number of top dumbbell review sites are recommending these because of their low price of $199.  You are interested in toning your muscle or building up, you should seriously consider this brand.

Specification of LifeSmart Adjustable Dumbbells

We’ll use the LifeSmart 118 pound Adjustable Dumbbell  as an example.  The following are its more sought after features:

-Grant you the ability to perform over 50 muscle exercises and movement in your home.

-These were drop tested, ensuring that they will not break (even when making contact with concrete)

-These have a smaller diameter than most dumbbells, allowing for easy storage

-Durability is guaranteed because of iron plates

-You can increase weight amount by 2.5 pounds at a time, giving you plenty of options and combinations

-This brand possesses a unique and modern sliding lock system that helps to secure weight in place, allowing for ease of use

-The handle is extremely easy to grip and comes with a comfortable contoured shape.

-These weights can be adjusted between 5 and 55 pounds per hand

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Why Should You Buy These Weights?

If you are a beginner or new to weight lifting and don’t necessarily need complex, bulky, and expensive equipment then the LifeSmart Adjustable Dumbbells are perfect for you.  You will get a high quality product for a great price, making this a good first dumbbell purchase.  Again, if you would rather workout at home and sometimes find yourself shying away from the gym, these are perfect for performing at home workouts.

Pros and Cons

This product only has one drawback that we can think of, and this is its limited warranty.  They are only covered for problems up to five years from the moment of purchase.  This may be a sign to buyers that the company isn’t very confident with their product, or don’t think they’ll hold up very long.

Regardless, the most appealing quality of LifeSmart products is their price.  For a small $199 you can avoid the gym and get a great, compact workout in your own home.  These are great for beginners and help them to save money by not being forced to buy more expensive, and often too complicated of dumbbells.