How to Find the Best Bowflex Dumbbells in the Market

Fitness gurus, experts, and trainers have been ranting and raving about Bowflex dumbbells because of their superior safety and efficiency compared to regular dumbbells.  This is especially true if you are a beginner.  If you are looking to tone up and get that perfect body, then this article is for you!

What are Bowflex Dumbbells?

Bowflex dumbbells, compared to normal dumbbells, are much more high tech and tuned into lifting movements and agility.  They are also safer, making them great for weight lifters of all levels.  The individual lifting the dumbbell has the ability to control how much weight they would like to take on by simply adjusting the dials on the side of the weight.  This does a great job of preventing injury.

Bowflex Versus Other Types of Dumbbells

How are Bowflex Dumbbells so much different than every other brand on the market?  The following are just a few comparisons that come from a number of reviews and workout experts.

  1. Safety- This is the most highly valued aspect of Bowflex dumbbells.  You now have the ability to simply turn a dial and lift whatever weight you please.  There is less resistance and strain on your muscles, preventing injury.  You can slowly increase the amount of weight you lift as you become stronger.  This aspect, again, is great for beginner weight lifters as this is the group that reports the most muscle pain and fatigue while working out.
  2. Weight Variation- Unlike ordinary dumbbells that only allow you to choose one weight load at a time, Bowflex dumbbells are adjustable and can grow with you as you become stronger.  You will now only need to buy one pair of dumbbells instead of an unlimited supply comprised of all shapes and sizes.  This saves you money by not requiring the purchase of other dumbbells or weight plates.
  3. Difficulty- This is a tricky topic when it comes to Bowflex.  These dumbbells do a great job of not over working beginners, but can be tuned so that experienced weight lifters will be challenged.  People that are set on traditional weights may say that Bowflex dumbbells are “cheating” because it prevent resistance in your movement.  This is simply not true.  By adjusting the dial, a coil inside the dumbbell can provide as much or little resistance as you wish.  You could set it so that every motion provides the maximum amount of resistance.  Bowflex dumbbells allow for resistance despite how you are moving, making this a great addition to your training exercises.
  4. Price- Yes, regular dumbbells are much cheaper per set than Bowflex brand, but Bowflex adjustable dumbbells offer features that no other product can touch.  If you do not have much extra money to find, and don’t care about all of the options Bowflex has to offer, then you may see their dumbbells as a luxury.  If, however, you are planning on weight lifting for a long time and are looking for gradual muscle improvement with a low risk of injury, these are the dumbbells for you!

Top Features of the Bowflex Dumbbell

1. Power Rob Resistance Technology– This allows for the feeling of traditional weight lifting by the user, giving them a burning sensation.  The new technology helps the lifter to make smooth and controlled movements and creates tension or resistance within certain muscle groups.  The result is a more focused and efficient workout, and you can be certain that no movement is wasted.  If you are just placing the dumbbells back into a starting position, the dumbbells are fully engaging your muscles

2. Spiraflex Technology- This same technology is currently in use in the International Space Station in order to create resistance and mimic the cause and effect of weight.  In Bowflex dumbbells, however, resistance is put on the dumbbells to mimic the actual feeling of a heavier weight.  This works by tightening a strap around the dumbbell’s coil while you are performing the movement.  This make the dumbbell slightly lighter than an original dumbbell but makes the experiences more challenging at the same time.

Which Bowflex is Right for you?

  1. Bowflex Dumbbells SelectTech 552–  This is Bowflex’s beginners set, known because the smallest weight increment is 2.5 pounds.  If you want to slowly tone your muscles, then this is the way to go.  Toning, fitness, and shaping of the body are this weights goals.  This set offers a balanced and extremely safe weight lifting workout that is perfect for beginners.  Read on to find out more!
  2. Bowflex Dumbbells 1090 Single– Athletes and extreme weight lifters are very into this model.  This has the ability to replace a whole dumbbell set because a single dumbbell can take on a weight from 10 to 90 pounds.  If you are looking for a gruling workout and want to build muscle quickly, this is great for you.  The smallest weight increment is 10 pounds, so you know this set is serious business.  Some may think these are less comfortable because of their rubber grips, but this is a great compromise for people used to using free weights and traditional weight lifters.

Buying Tips for Beginners

  • In order to be 100% sure about the authenticity of Bowflex dumbbells, buy them directly from the company online.  You may be sacrificing great deals or promo codes at other sellers, but the warranty usually makes up for that.
  • Go find Bowflex dumbbells in a gym near you.  Some places offer advice and tips on when and where to buy them or about which style may be right for you.  If you are lucky, you may even receive a discount for being a gym member and buying Bowflex dumbbells.
  • Buying dumbbells online is the most popular way that Bowflex sells their dumbbells.  Try not to focus as much on price as other aspects of these workout extras.  Many place compromise the quality of the item but sell the dumbbells for a cheaper price.  Don’t be tricked!  Also be careful if you are buying used dumbbells.  Always buy from a reputable source and read reviews before giving them your business.

More Tips when using the Bowflex

  • Buy a Rack: All Bowflex dumbbells do come with hassle-free storage and can be wheeled away after a workout.  You should still be placing them on a rack, up and off the floor, so that you can prevent additional strain on your back and know that they are in a safe and dry place.
  • Start small: Bowflex was created and aims for smooth transitions during a weight lifting workout.  Begin with a small load, even if you have previous lifting experience, and allow your body to get used to the extra technology before adding weight.


If you have been using normal dumbbells then Bowflex adjustable dumbbells may seem like an unnecessary luxury.  However, because of the adjustable resistance, and range of difficulty this brand is a must have for serious athletes and fitness nuts.