Gold’s Gym Adjustable Dumbbells for Customizable Workout

Gold’s Gym is associated with health and fitness and has been well known for almost half a decade.  They have even produced equipment and tools that better the workout experience of their clients.  Actually, their company promotes healthier lifestyles not only with their gym and group classes, but also with Gold’s Gym Adjustable Dumbbells.  You can workout at home and tone or work all the same muscles that you would at the gym, all without having to actually go to the sweaty gym.

Features of Gold’s Gym Adjustable Dumbbells

Their company offers 100-pound dumbbells with a stand and switchable plates.  More specifically, users can lift between 20 and 50 pounds per dumbbell.  Additionally, the dumbbells also include:

-A dumbbell stand to enhance convenience and maintain the dumbbells around waist height.  This is easier on your back and makes the dumbbells more stable.

-Hand grips are ergonomic and have been designed in a curved-manner so that they fit in the palm of your hand more easily.  They are also padded so that they are both comfortable and durable.

-Knobs make the dumbbells simple to adjust

Who should buy this?

You need to consider that these dumbbells are great because of their price, less than $300, and means that you can spend approximately $200 less than other adjustable dumbbells on the market.  Considering all of the features of this product, it is also great because:

-Individuals that don’t have time to go to the gym can pay a small amount and workout in their own homes

-The set includes step-by-step instructions for muscle training and weight lifting, enhancing the intensity of your workout

-This set will tone and build up your muscles

-The quality is extremely high for the money

What are the benefits?

According to customer reviews, Gold’s Gym dumbbells are perfect for working out because:

-They have a sleek and compact design, great for storage

-They have accurate weights

-These have grips that prevent slipping, accidents, and injury

-They are easy to use, even without the instruction of a personal trainer or gym member.  Instructions are included.

-They are designed to be durable, despite falling to the ground

-They come with a stand, making storage and first picking up the dumbbells much easier.