Dumbbell Workout Routines for the Torso

Lifting weights, similar to dumbbell workouts, is one of the most ideal ways to get back into shape, or bulk up like the young Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Gyms now a days seem to be the most popular places to workout because of their wide variety of equipment, machines, and professional help that you need to get the desires results.

Effectiveness of Dumbbell Workout Routines

Dumbbells are some of the most regularly used equipment when on the journey toward a kick-ass body.  Dumbbells are considered one of the many types of free weights that people use for weight lifting and can be used separately or in a set.  Fitness centers and gyms love dumbbells because of their user-friendly style, versatility and ease of use.  The upper body seems to be the dumbbell’s main focus, including the chest, shoulder, and back.  Below are a number of workouts that target the previously mentioned areas.

Always remember that warm-up exercises are a MUST before working with dumbbells.  This ensures that blood is already flowing through the target areas and prevents injury and muscle tearing.


The chest, often called the pectoral muscles, is often a main focus of weight lifting, especially for men looking to bulk up.  The bench press is easily the most common chest exercise because of its focus on three major muscle groups: the lower, middle, and upper chest.  Dumbbells can be used to separately workout each muscle group.  Doing an inclined press works the upper chest, the flat press is for the middle pectorals, and the declined press is specifically for the lower chest.

Bench presses, done laying down, is a workout move in which you hold a dumbbell in each hand over your chest.  As you exhale, push the dumbbells away from your body and then inhale, pulling them back down to your chest.  Push your elbows out to the side to keep the correct form.


Deltoids, the rounded muscles on your shoulders, can be worked out via seated overhead presses, front raises, and rows.  There are quite a few variations on these exercises and some may even do a better job at targeting specific deltoid muscles.  The Arnold Press, named after the late California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is a popular deltoid move.

Seated shoulder overhead presses are fairly simple, and begin by holding a dumbbell in each hand and pushing them above shoulder height and toward your head.  A front raise can be done by hold dumbbells in each hand, at about thigh height, and slowly extending your arms out to shoulder height.  Finally, an upright row starts with holding dumbbells in the same position as the front raise, but this time you will raise the dumbbells along the length of the body until they are at shoulder height again.


The latissimus dorsi, the main back muscle, is one of the biggest and most worked muscles in the body.  The trapezius, easy to recognize by its trapezoidal shape, covers the neck and shoulder blades down to the mid-spine.  Finally, the rhombus is a silly shaped muscle that covers the shoulder blades.

The latissimus dorsi, commonly called the “lats”, can be worked by performing a kneeling one arm row.  Begin by kneeling on a bench with one knee, and use one arm to support your body while you are almost parallel to the bench.  The form is very important so that you don’t hurt your back.  Hang the dumbbells down to the side and pull them toward your chest.  Do this with both hands.

If you wish to work the trapezius, shoulder shrugs are your move.  You simply shrugs your shoulders, a normal gesture, while holding onto a dumbbell in each hand.

A rhomboid workout can be accomplished via dumbbell rows.  Keep your knees bent and tilt your body forward 70-80 degrees.  Hang your arms by your side and pull both dumbbells up to the side of your body.

The previously mentioned exercises are just a few that can be accomplished using dumbbells, but there are many more out there.  Dumbbell workout routines are perfect for being done at home, if you have the proper equipment.  Read our Bowflex SelectTech 552 Review  to find the most affordable, convenient, and worth-while dumbbells in the market!