Things to Look For When Choosing the Best Adjustable Dumbbell Set

Everyone today is looking to fit in with the new trend of health.  Even flipping through a magazine you cannot help but notice all of the promotions and advertisements about how to be fit and what to look like.  This is causing many of us to become more aware of our figure and more importantly our overall health.

This new trend is the exact reason why more people regularly go to the gym and want to lose weight, maintain their current body, or simply want to remain active.  This “getting fit” idea is recently becoming more popular, prompting some to start setting up an at home gym.

The first thing on your mind while setting up an at home gym should be buying workout equipment that you can easily use on your own.  Dumbbells are becoming the most popular at home gym equipment and there is a wide variety of them for sale today.  This is the exact reason why many people are confused about how to choose the best adjustable dumbbells on the market.

Let this article guide you while you choose the best adjustable dumbbell set for your money.  Since you are going to be investing in dumbbells, you should make sure that you find the right pair for you at an amazing price.  If your financial situation is holding you back, there may be some ways to still buy the best items on the market.  You should accept that finding the best adjustable dumbbell set is going to be challenging.  You may find a great pair but it’s simply not right for you.  Preferences aside, remember to consider a multitude of factors when buying your first adjustable dumbbell set.

Be careful when choosing a set because what may look like the best dumbbell set may disregard several key features of quality and endurance.  In the opposite direction, some dumbbell sets are overly complicated and can be quite confusing.  For most, the best dumbbell set  is the one with desired features that each individual is looking for.  Refer to our review of Bowflex Selecttech 522 Adjustable Dumbbells.

The following are some benefits of choosing the right dumbbell set for your at home gym:

  • You can resell your adjustable dumbbells at a very fair price if you ever feel the need to upgrade.  If you buy quality products you can re-sell them and get a great deal of money back.
  • You will enjoy working out much more if you have properly fitted dumbbells
  • In the long run, you can save money by buying the best adjustable dumbbells.  If you choose durable sets, you will not have to replace parts.  Low quality is often associated with low price when it comes to dumbbells.

Remember that adjustable dumbbells sets save more than just money, but they save space as well.  You will not have to buy other varieties of static dumbbells, keeping your house clean and clutter free.  These dumbbells offer flexibility and bring diversity to your gym and workout.

Looking for the Best Adjustable Dumbbell Set


This is one of the most important and significant factors you should consider when looking at dumbbells.  In surveys, this was at the top of many people’s lists of concerns about home gyms.  Many people think that if they cannot find an affordable product then they may not be able to have a home gym.  This is false, but it does not mean that you should be buying the cheapest items on the market.  You should consider why a product costs as much as it does.  Perhaps it has very desirable traits.  You should be looking for sales and deals that allow you buy quality brands for a cheaper price.  They will save you money in the long run and are less likely to break.


Obviously, adjustable dumbbells come with adjustable weight options.  However, the variety of weight and number of incremental weight options offered may vary with each set.  One set may only reach 25 pounds, while others can be set up to weigh 50 or 75 per each dumbbell.

You should pick the right set for your intended purpose and exercise.  For those individuals that are simply looking to tone up their body, they should not invest in the heaviest dumbbells out there.  This can also be said for women looking to define their curves.

Whatever decision you make, be sure to select the adjustable dumbbell set that is right for you and your workout.  Keep durability and price in mind and you will find the best set for you in no time.

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